Today Fremantle announced a partnership with Salamanda Media to produce entertainment format Fame in the Family across the globe.  The format, which sees four dinner guests work out which of them is related to their celebrity host, is set to premiere in the UK on Channel 4 today at 5:30pm GMT.

Fame in the Family is set in a secret dining location where famous faces host four dinner guests they’ve never met. All have had a DNA test and at least one of them is a cousin of the celebrity, but no one knows who. Over the course of the meal, the race is on to work out who it is. With a cash prize to be won, will anyone guess correctly before the DNA results expose the truth?

Commenting on the format, Rob Clark, Director, Global Entertainment at Fremantle said: “We are pleased to work with Salamanda Media to bring this exciting new format into the Fremantle catalogue. Fame In The Family is a guessing game that uses the concept of family DNA and unknown relatives to hook viewers in, the added element of DNA testing is ingenious”

Salamanda Media’s Amanda De Freitas and Sally Evans said: “We’re so thrilled to be in partnership with Fremantle to distribute our new innovative format which taps into the universal phenomena of DNA with a fun and entertaining twist.”

Fame in the Family explores the interesting family history of the celebrity and the diners, which could reveal clues to whether or not there is a family connection.  The series is produced by Salamanda Media for Channel 4. Fremantle are handling the international distribution for the series.

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