Our label Lux Vide has expanded its studio space with the launch of a brand new fifth production studio to help create more original content in house, and further accelerate its local and international vision.

Becoming a new home for the best of Italian and European creative talents, the fifth studio inaugurated today in Formello, Rome, measures 1150 sqm, adding to the 3,700 sqm from the four existing studios, making it one of the largest, most sustainable, and technologically advanced production spaces in Europe.

More than €6 million euros was invested in the construction of the new studio and post-production hub, taking the total studio production capacity to nearly 5,000 sqm, which employs 250 people a day on average, and over 50,000 industry professionals every year.

In addition to the most advanced technologies, this new studio, like all Lux Vide soundstages, is built with respect for the environment and cutting emissions: according to indicators from the Green Protocol, about 40% of the energy requirements will be generated through solar electricity panels, moreover the use of electric vehicles within the studio facility, will help create more sustainable productions.

The expansion of the Lux Vide studios has also led to important investment in other industries such as construction, plant engineering and technological infrastructures, helping to create new job opportunities for local citizens.

Today’s inauguration of Studio 5 took place in the presence of Italy’s Deputy Culture Minister Lucia Borgonzoni, Andrea Scrosati, Fremantle’s Group COO and CEO Continental Europe and President of Lux Vide, Luca Bernabei, CEO of Lux Vide, and the Founder and Honorary President of Lux Vide, Matilde Bernabei.

Italy’s Deputy Culture Minister, Lucia Borgonzoni, said: “Every piece added to the path that leads to the development of the Italian TV & film industry is a milestone to celebrate. And so I congratulate Lux Vide for this new important project that has been a great public and private demonstration by sharing the same strategic vision, and working side by side to achieve a common goal: the strengthening of the TV & film industry, being an engine for cultural and economic growth of our country, as well as its attractiveness on an international scale”.

Luca Bernabei, CEO, Lux Vide, added: “Businesses, like production companies, day after day, need a ‘factory’. My hope is that Studio 5 can be the place where the ideas of our creatives can take shape and substance. It is here that the stories will help fascinate millions of Italian families, stories capable of exporting the values of Lux Vide and the beauty of our country all over the world, will come to life.”

Andrea Scrosati, Fremantle Group COO, CEO Continental Europe and President of Lux Vide, said: “Lux Vide’s qualities include combining craftsmanship with an international industrial model. An ambitious company that, from today, has a new ‘home’ where cutting-edge and competitive equipment and technologies will be at the service of creativity. A virtuous model of investment in the territory and made in Italy that makes Fremantle even more proud to have welcomed Matilde and Luca Bernabei and all the talents of Lux Vide into its family.”

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