Entertaining audiences in more than 50 territories for 20 years, The Farm is a worldwide reality phenomenon. Originally broadcast in Chile from 2002-2005, The Farm will return to free-to-air television channel Chilevisión.

The Farm brings together a diverse hard-working group of novice farmers who are plunged into the realities of working on a farm with no 21st century mod cons, personal luxuries, electricity, running water or access to technology.

A true social experiment, The Farm drops would-be farmers into a real-life farm as the group live and work together, with a view to providing food on the table and contributing to successful community living. One-by-one a farmer is eliminated following a duel that tests two farmers against each other with competitive strategy and harmonious living, all part of The Farm experience.

Sheila Aguirre, EVP of Co Production and Distribution, Latin America and Hispanic US at Fremantle said: “We are proud to be working with Chilevisión to bring this wholesome format back to audiences in Chile. The simple concept of The Farm is what gives it such mass appeal and we can’t wait to see how the farmers get on when they go back to basics. I’m sure there will be lots of memorable moments to look forward to.”

Francisco Espinoza, Director of Programming at Chilevisión commented: ‘It’s great that we have been able to license The Farm from Fremantle, as it has been part of an expansion plan for our entertainment offering, which we have been consolidating since 2018. The Farm is a format that meets all the attributes we are looking for in a great entertainment show.

The Farm is a Fremantle production, with the series returning to Chilean television on Chilevisión soon.

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